February 6, 2008

breakfast of champions

1 head of romaine lettuce
5 stalks of kale
1 apple
1 lemon
4 TBS fresh ginger
* i even add anything else i can find green in the fridge..celery, little broccoli exc.


ness said...

is it hard to swallow? i'm a little nervous...

the waites said...

ness why must you question me...have i ever let you down?

it really is good, the lemon, apple and ginger make it so you cant taste the other stuff.

ness said...

i'll trust your judgement :) do you use fresh grated ginger?

the waites said...

yes! im so excited to see what you think. Fresh ginger and it is my most favorite smell. i wish i was in the kitchen with you. I get to be Giada who do you want to be?

do you have a juicer??

ness said...

juicer- check
lemons- check
apple- check
kale- don't think so...

*you just want to be giada because of her boobs... although i seem to remember you having some rock-hard boobs of your own :)

i want to be paula dean. love her, love her food, and i wish i could be cool with being chubby.

*only girls are looking at this blog, right?

Dennis & Jenna said...

Hey...is this posted by Rachel? This is Jenna and I was checking out the site and realized it may be you. I drink this all the time. My friend and I found the Raw food book and this drink is awesome! Do you follow the book or just drink this? How often? I would love to hear from you!