April 11, 2008

Dont worry my husband already knows

I know this blog is suppose to be fun finds, but I think he qualifies for a "fun find"

Its no secret that I love Bob.{the accent* the lean bod- not like huge muscles but long and lean muscles}
My husband tries to tell me hes gay, but I beg to differ.
I know I'm white trash..but Biggest Looser is my all time favorite show.
Watching him each week coaching these people loose a gazillion pounds is jaw dropping to me.
So I hope everyone tunes in for the finale next week. I will be having a party which
includes: Skinny Cows, No Pudge Brownies and Crystal light. OK who am I kidding I will probably be eating my moms killer Magic Bars. So the question is who do you Fancy??


Natalie* said...

i loooooove biggest loser. i'm voting kelly.

but for some reason i EAT like a crazy person when i watch it. seriously, like a gallon of ice cream. maybe cause i feel like i can? i'm a fat kid.

aaaand bob's gay.

Teagan said...

so funny...why is it that we eat when we watch these kinds of shows?
I love bob and jillian!
and please don't tell me bobs gay...I can't believe it-I wont!:)

seven smiles said...

What are you guys talking about? I do thousands of crunches while watching this show. (jk) I am an avid fan and proud of it.
I want the recipe for killer Magic Bars--they sound deliciously intriguing ;)

Dennis & Jenna said...

Hey Rachel. So my cousin is Allie! I have the dirt on Bob if you want to know it! Anyways all I have heard is that in the finale Roger is the one to beat and Allie is down in the 120's! Go Allie!!

Aryn said...

I too LOVE Biggest Loser. I wish they had a Post Baby one I could go on! I'm kinda thinking Willie might be right about Bob- but you can always hope!
I'm totally rooting for Allie- she looks so amazing!

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

Jenna please make a post on your cousin Allie..we want details. Of course Bob likes men..I thought you were kidding.

the waites said...

Seriously Jenna How cool.I love your cousin, shes my hero!