June 18, 2008

read this

my brother-in-law emailed us this article about a family in their home ward. it was featured in the oc register so some of you may have already seen it. read it. i cried. it's an amazing story!


The Collins said...

I know I love this story of the Gaya's. They were actually in our ward when we lived in Ladera and then they moved to the other Ladera Ward which is Stephanie and Ryans ward. I have been to her blog(which I got from a friend) a few times to stay updated on how little Abby is doing. Its so neat that she has hung on and overcome many of the health problems they thought she was going to have. She is so cute! It is so sad when you see and hear of little ones that go through so much! Its the little ones though who are always the toughest and strongest!!!

Hess Fam said...