July 28, 2008


I fancy the Goyard bags so much, I wouldnt mind a fake one. (A good one that is) Ashly I know you can get your hands on one for me, or better yet Andrew could.


Natalie* said...


love love love the stripe with monogram.

must needs find a way to

a. find a new job that will give me the $

b. find a new man who will but it for me.

think i'll vote b.

so much easier.

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

I too, Love these bags. I'll do a little research and get back to you:)

Ashly said...

consider it done girl. i will go sometime this week and find you one! it was good to talk to you!

Natalie Hall said...

Great hair bag!

Lisa, let me know your research......

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

Umm Ashly, please don't leave other contributor's out of your search this week:)
Let me know how much you find them for, I found a bunch online. Thanks