July 9, 2008

Wii Fit

The amazingly engineered balance board you stand on measures and records your weight loss progress, your BMI, and Im sure its helpful in sharpening certain aspects of yoga. I know it is not a one stop place for exercise, but it looks fun. Anyone have it?? Because I so want it. found here


Nina said...

I just found this blog and I LOVE IT!!! I own a Wii and would also love to hear some imput on the Wii Fit before I purchase it.

Thanx for this post!!!

Holly said...

i own a wii fit and i LOVE it. the balance games are the best, and the strenght moves are actually pretty challanging because everything revolves around you keeping your balance. the yoga moves are fine, but i would prefer an entire yoga session. the cardio activities (hula hoop, step class (3 levels), running (yes running) are cool too. I'd love to do the running on a treadmill if i owned one - running on the spot is not my fav. but i have worked up a sweat many a time with that little balance board. i definitely recommend it.