November 12, 2008

Get rid of the mom butt

I saw these on the today show, and really want to try them. I have the total flat mom tush, that just needs a good lift. The picture above kinna scares me, she looks more like Kim Kardashian. The models on the show looked so great-really.


Liz Laubach said...

That picture should more than kinda scare you.

Liz Laubach said...

your bootie looks fabulous! I should know... i walk behind you every morning.

now you can really call me Bess.

Aryn said...

O.K. that is just like stuffing your bra with tissues- don't do it!

the waites said...

no it lifts them no padding, thats their bare bottom in the picture.

jill said...

that is her actual butt?! i thought it was foam padding! i don't approve rachel.

Leisel said...

I am having a really good chuckle over this is it her bare butt..or is it a pad controversy! I love you Rachel for posting about this. Anyone who doesn't give this a second thought is a liar!! Even if it is padding who among us didn't own a padded bra at some point in their life whether pre puberty or post nursing! Why can't the back side get a little love?
xoxo Leis