January 12, 2009

New York New York!

My three favorite shows all take place in New York. If you dont watch all of these shows then you are crazy and must start tonight!!
1. The City (not the hills): is pretty much really stupid BUT it is about 3 beautiful, THIN and extremely well dress girls so its fun to watch!
2. Ugly Betty: The fashion alone is just over the top fantastic. Also its just a good show with a good life lessons ( seriously!) and very entertaining!
3. Gossip Girl: I dont even know where to begin..... DRAMA, FASHION, LOVE, LUST... basically just the best show on t.v.!!!

1 comment:

Ashly said...

i seriously get so sad when i watch these shows. i makes me miss nyc so badly...especially when i watch the city because those are the places we always hung out...boo-hoo....but i LOVE me some GG!