March 31, 2009

fabulous tunes

last weekend my hubby and i headed up to the orpheum theater in LA to listen to our favorite girl, Missy Higgins. Lenka opened for her and so did a guy name Justin Nozuka. you might recognize this song from the radio or vh1. he was the most talented singer I have heard in a really long time. Check out the song below...seriously so good. all of his songs were good. you can listen to the whole album on his myspace page. oh and did i mention that he is only 20 years old? yeah. amazing. we didnt get to hear Lenka because we were late, but her stuff is really good so check it out. if you are not a fan of Missy Higgins, do yourself a favor and become one. she was absolutely fabulous/talented/funny/very entertaining.


the waites said...

wow. I love. can you buy on Itunes?? It reminds me of my coffeehouse I listen to when doing clients.(Satelite radio). Its all accoustic artists. Missy, Jack and everyone whos lovely:)

Emily said...

I love all 3 of them so I'm very jealous!