September 9, 2009


when we lived in NYC, i used to make my husband go to this store on saturday afternoons just to look at all of the pretty things. then i found out i was having baby #2 and that it would be a girl. i wanted something from here so badly, but talked myself out of it because it is so impractical and NOT cheap. i still enjoy looking at their lovely lineup of clothing, and someday i will become a better seamstress and sew these sweet little things for my scarlett. until then, i will just browse their website. check out bonpoint for a sweet treat of french clothing. while on the topic of french, have any of you seen stephmodo's french abode? i am living through her. someday not only will i buy french clothing for my children, but i will buy them while living in france(or maybe just in my dreams). while doing my study abroad in paris we lived in this lovely little town just a 20 minute train ride from paris, and i would LOVE to have a house there...someday...someday.

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lindseydenison said...

Ashly -- I love bonpoint too. I die over their dresses and shoes. Too bad you can't order the shoes online.