October 1, 2009

babygap + new stuff = in heaven

LOVING all the baby girl stuff at babyGAP right now. Check out their deuxville line and the leopard line. believe me, you will not be disappointed. seriously, so cute. love the fringe moccasin boots, the stripes, the quilted ballet flats, the plaid, the denim. love it all.


nicole said...

i'm obsessed too! i saw these online and got so excited for all the fun fall outfits for p. can't wait!!

The Collins said...

oh my gosh, I know.... im loving it too! I am so excited to get little Gweny in all the fun fall stuff! Gap really did good this time!

Michelle LeMieux-Bilenko said...

Oooo, very cute! I'll have to first make a stop by the baby-store and pick up a baby, though ;)
Uh, I love baby clothes!