February 15, 2010

boy and girl shared room

I am always on the lookout for bedding that would be cute in a shared boy and girl bedroom since someday my son and daughter will most likely be sharing a room. My friend Caitlin posted about Rikshaw Design on her blog, and I immediately fell in love with the idea of using this boy bedding with this girl bedding. I love that I can still have some girly stuff without making it too feminine for a boy. Plus, I love how fresh these two prints are. Can't you just see them on matching twin beds? Too cute! I guess I better start saving my penny's!


julie said...

reminds me of lala in laguna... which i L O V E! i love that it's a bit different than what you always see... anthro... although i still love me some anthro!

The Collins said...

I know I loves these prints too. I was actually telling my sister about these, for her baby girl. I totally agree in that these would be adorable and so fresh for a boy/girl room. I also love love the above one! So fun!