February 26, 2010


I use the Chanel Mat Lumiere and when I went to get more they gave me a sample of this treasure. I loved it so much I looked online to see how much it was.... I about died when I saw $200.00. So my advice to you is- get a sample at Saks. Seriously i never noticed a difference with eye cream until I tried this. The sample size lasts like 3 mon.

I love this head band, its super comfortable and makes a bad hair day look exquisite!
I HATE the word diaper bag, I instantly feel like a frump mom when holding one. When I came across this, I was so excited. It has a ton of pockets and zippers. I got mine for a steal of a deal and love it.
I just got this and love it! Its fun to glam it up every once in a while.
So I don't own this but I really want to. I love the necklace as well. Maybe for our 8 year anniversary next month.

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jackie said...

that great bag reminds me of the one at flora and henri - comes in gold and a soft mint green - so pretty! here's the link: http://www.florahenri.com/#/70/flora-femme/88/in-your-hands/