February 19, 2010


After I have this baby, I WILL be fitting into these pants. I havnt got excited over pants in a while, but these got me thinking twice about dessert. As for the shoes....I have always loved JCREW shoes because the heel is just perfect. I can never find high heels I like because they are always like 4 inches. Lets cross our fingers they go on sale! Of coarse they had to pair the 2 together.ugh.
also check out behind the scenes. Its Fashion Week!!!!!!!!
Makes me wish I was there, Dont you wish you were there??? Diane. Chanel....love fashion so so much!

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yarnpaws said...

Hi...just came across your site and just thought you might like to add these flats to your repertoire. You can go directly to my blog which is mysoleilcomfyshoe.wordpress.com or directly to soleilshoeco.com to check out this line, they come in 4 great colors, incredibly affordable with a tote to carry your heels in when your feet start hurting. These flats are rollable, foldable and ultra compact so they can fit in your purse, now how cool is that!! Right now we are having a 25% sale but only until the 24th of Feb. I love heels but when my feet start hurting it’s time to put them to bed in the lovely Soleil tote and put on these comfy flats. Let me know what your thoughts are. Blessings.