March 13, 2010


I have had the hardest time finding the right pink lipstick for my skin tone. But I think I found it-MAC Chatterbox. love it!


Katie Waldron said...

Yes Yes Yes! I was seriously going to do a post on this on my blog after watching Monday's Gossip Girl. Did you love love love Jenny Humphreys' glossy pink lips?? For once she actually looked good.

Very Bridget Bardot! LOVE the MAC shade. I think Nars has some good shades too.
xoxo B Waldorf

Ashly said...

I got a MAC pink a few weeks ago that I love. Its a lighter pink that this, but so pretty...SPEED DIAL . I need to go and get this one too because it is gorgeous. Rach, do you think it would look good with my coloring or better on blondes??

the waites said...

ash i think its a pink anyone can pull off. Especially a hot red head like yourself. Have you seen the cute red head on glee always in head to toe jcrew?? she wears pink lipstick and it looks great.