April 5, 2010

a few favs from Cosmoprof

the Hong Kong nail polishes are so fun. Great all around shampoo and conditioner Love this for so many reasons. Its like gloss drops but doesn't feel as oily. I also love the shampoo in this DRY Utah weather. Best dry shampoo in my opinion. I could go weeks with this stuff. Great before blow drying, it protects and prevents breakage. Kinna a splurge but Its my fav.


Lisa Harris said...

My nails were just painted that orange last week. Its a fun one! Morracan oil is really heaven. I need to get my hands on that KMS tomorrow. I currently have 5 different dry shampoo's under my sink and I'm not obsessed with any of them:(

Hess Fam said...

I didnt know that Kerastase was sold at Cosmoprof? Maybe just not here? Or maybe it is and I haven't seen it.
Thanks for th list. I need a new spring shake up!

the waites said...

dearest Meg,

I only wish kerastase was in supply stores. are there any hair shows coming up?? I want to go so bad!

Kera said...

i love Moroccan oil. I never hear of people using it.